Hi, America? America needs our help!

 Hi, America? America Needs Our Help!                                                                     Samantha Jonas-Rongo

 “People should have food at their calling as we do oxygen on a daily basis”…Samantha Jonas-Rongo

With the holidays arriving abruptly, we are finishing up with our last minute shopping, decorating and travel plans. It is the time of year where meal preparations and dinner invites make the holidays even more special. Friends and family will be surrounding each other sharing years of meal traditions as many less fortunate families and individuals are going to go without a basic meal to eat. Give this season to those who need it the most. You can even make a donation and place it in your child’s name. Give them the credit and the experience of helping those who can benefit from it the most. This is what Christmas is all about anyways, right? Below I have attached links to some of the charities my husband  and I donate to throughout the year . Help feed America and give the season a true meaning.

    – Samantha Jonas-Rongo

Click on any of the links below to donate or browse their site.

Feed The Children

Feeding America

http://www.foodpantries.org/ Find your local food pantry for services or donations.

Salvation Army Find your local Salvation Army or donate online

4 thoughts on “Hi, America? America needs our help!

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