Sam Sung, Miss Mary Mac

Sam Sung, Miss Mary Mac                                                                                             By Samantha Jonas-Rongo


“If I do not protect myself, am not handled appropriately, or am placed in hazardous situations, I can be harmed. The harm done may be repairable, but there are still the chances that I can be permanently damaged or destroyed, and there is no coming back once all goes black”…..Samantha Jonas-Rongo

I see myself something similar to a computer. Not any specific model, made in any exact year, or running on any specific system; just a basic functioning computer. It has a memory ram as a brain with the need of electricity as it’s oxygen, and a strong but delicate body with an attractive screen as its face, broadcasting only what it chooses.

I’m in sync with the computers resting in the classrooms we dwell in. Its ability to connect to the internet and right to access information is similar to my American right to read and learn. It’s my personal ability to download that info in my brain and share it with whom I choose. Technology of the computer allows it to mainly respond by itself with numbers and letters, creating the same form of communication as myself. Depending on its user(s), such as my company in reflection; the results given are reflections and reaction of what they are in search for when in ones company.

I was born with a personality that is shy, but strong and filled with curiosity which has helped with my ability to gain information. More than often, that attribute of being able to provide knowledge to others mainly shows only when someone is requesting its presence. I interact when I am acknowledged. Those conversing with search engines have in fact also witnessed how a computer suffers from this similar shy software bug. I interact when I am acknowledged, but turn mute and sometimes automatically turned off when I am ignored. If I am overly bored, I tend to fall asleep. My mindset is then something of the monitor’s screen saver while my unconscious trance is one with the computer’s hibernating mode.

Over the years I have gained more information on various subjects and my ability to grasp, understand and share it has advanced over time. Given the experience, including the support of others who worked on helping me achieve success has benefited my performance in that matter, and in life overall. All similar to a computer’s production and performance after the years of gained knowledge and advanced abilities.

At times, Some of the knowledge I have is correct while some I withhold isn’t. That is due to people providing me with inaccurate information, such as those liars scrimmaging the web with the intentions of manifesting its lies. Or it could be those who are misinformed themselves, but too vulnerable to not know to stop spreading the wrong information.

A keyboard is used as a tool to spread and request more information, something like my mouth used for speech. In a unique way, it is like my ears as well. It just takes in what is being pressed and being said by its enforcer, traveling to my brain and to its memory ram. I have to be careful and take precautions with actions and travels I choose to make, similar to the sites one chooses to view, as viruses can contaminate my body and cause harm to not only my functioning but physical appearance.

I need to care for my body and its well-being by providing all the nutrients needed for its survival as a computer needs energy from an electrical source. If there is no source of energy, I cannot function properly and without any necessary nutrients for a certain amount of time, it may cause my body to just shut down as a computer dies overtime if not charged.

If I do not protect myself, am not handled appropriately or am placed in hazardous situations, I can be harmed. The harm done may be repairable but there are still the chances that I can be permanently damaged or destroyed, and there is no coming back once all goes black.

-Samantha Jonas-Rongo

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